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Water Drops
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Welcome to the DRIPP Shop!
All of these items are hand crafted with an immense amount of love, joy, pleasure, and hard work.
All pricing includes shipping within the US. Please allow 2-3 weeks for fulfillment and shipping, and send us an email if you have any questions.

SUBSCRIBE to know about our retail drops, as they are limited batch items and sell out quickly. 

Water Drops

 Logan Jacobson is the brilliance and heart behind DRIPP Thrift.
Here is her story...

"I started taking virtual classes with Jen in spring of 2020 from my apartment in Colorado. And DRIPP quickly became the highlight of my week. Of course writhing and rolling around on the floor was great, but I was surprised by how much I looked forward to getting adorned for class. It reignited my love for playing dress up. 

Outside of DRIPP, I have a passion for arts and crafts, sustainability, thrifting, and journaling about my dreams. And all those interests came together when one night I dreamt that I was selling merch for DRIPP. As I wrote down the dream the next morning, the epiphany hit me: I should thrift clothes to
upcycle into DRIPP merch. Luckily Jen was on board. I carved the DRIPP emblem into lino (basically a rubber sheet) and stamped it onto clothes that I had thrifted and washed. I hope you enjoy the pieces in or out of class and that they can remind you to play a little harder wherever you are."

DRIPP thrift ethos:

Using second-hand clothing is good for the planet and people. By using thrifted, upcycled clothing, DRIPP thrift:
- Keeps used clothing out of landfills
- Decreases the environmental footprint of making new garments
- Avoids exploiting underpaid workers in fast fashion factories

Thank you for supporting our vision and mission. xoxo

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