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The DRIPP Training is a way to immerse yourself in transformational work through learning about the history, methodology, and lifestyle practices behind DRIPP. It is a trauma-informed, holistic, and deeply embodied experience which will begin to change your beliefs, thoughts, actions, and LIFE. It is a holistic course designed to support your pathway of devotional love through the lens of the feminine.

This course is incredible for:

  • Women who feel burnout, overly in their masculine, and desire to connect deeply to feminine energy, flow, surrender, and wisdom.

  • Women seeking better connection to and love for their body.

  • Those interested in learning how to create a safe space to explore, heal, connect, and expand.


  • Those looking to nurture current relationships or attract more aligned ones, and those looking to improve their relationship to self.


  • Those desiring to understand and awaken their energy bodies (masculine/feminine, yin/yang, chakras).

  • Those wanting to understand sex and sensuality as a pathway to manifestation and growth.

  • Those looking for a holistic approach to self-actualization, healing, stress management, and wellness.

  • Those who yearn for community and sacred sisterhood, and desire a slow entry to this world in the comfort of their home.

  • Practitioners, teachers, and facilitators who desire to expand into the realm of sensuality and may want to teach DRIPP. (If you desire to become a DRIPP Instructor, feel free to read through the requirements.)

How it Works:


Go at your own pace pre-recorded course with guided classes, journal prompts, exercises and more all supported by the robust DRIPP Manual (a resource meant to re-visit over and over) and workbook.

As soon as you purchase the course, you will receive an email that will deliver you all the resources and links needed. Momma J loves to chat with anyone interested in the training and will do her best to support your transformational journey. She also offers a Training Mentorship which is an additional resource for you while you take yourself through this expansive journey.

Feel free to email her at to set up a video call to discuss.

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If you desire to teach or dive deeper, later in 2024 Momma J will be hosting weekend DRIPP Labs for all the formats. Each format is 10 hours in a livestream classroom over one weekend workshopping the ins and outs of the structure of these classes/practices. These are for those desiring to teach and/or advanced practitioners who want to dive deeper into their personal practice.

Format Options:

  • DRIPP (original format)

  • Primal

  • Transitions and Functional Floorwork

  • Roll & Recover

  • Tricks, Whips, Flairs, & Booty Bouncing




If you have questions or concerns, email us at Payment plans and other forms of payment available, please contact Jen to discuss.

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