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DRIPP Training is a way to immerse yourself in transformational work through learning about the history, methodology, and lifestyle practices behind DRIPP. It is a trauma-informed, holistic, and deeply embodied experience which will begin to change your beliefs, thoughts, actions, and LIFE. 


The updated 2024 training now has three modules:


MODULE 1: DRIPP into Devotion - The Lifestyle.

This module is 30 hours and for all bodies. Topics are explained below in the 'What to Expect' section. This is a pre-recorded go at your own pace course that comes with the DRIPP Manual - a beefy digital resource to revisit time and time again.


The refreshed Module 1 will drop in your inbox sometime in May 2024.

Order early for $225 off (usually $750)


MODULE 2: Establishing Your DRIPP - The Formula.

This module is 10 hours and is for those desiring to teach and/or advanced practitioners who want to dive deeper into their personal practice. This comes with its own Methodology Manual.

The refreshed Module 2 will drop in your inbox summer/autumn 2024.

Order early for half off (usually $150)




MODULE 3: The Formats - each format is 10 hours livestream over a weekend and are for those desiring to teach and/or advanced practitioners who want to dive deeper into their personal practice. 
Format Options:


  • Primal

  • Transitions and Functional Floorwork

  • Roll & Recover

  • Tricks, Whips, Flairs, & Booty Bouncing


For more general details/outline, click here.

Topics and Flow of Module 1:

  • History and Philosophy, Daily Rituals, Shifting from Scarcity to Abundance Mindset, Emotional Intelligence & Sovereignty, Our Human Rights, Consent, Boundaries, Healthy Communication, and the Art of Sharing

  • Root & Sacral Chakra Discussion & Movement Practices (safety, grounding, breathwork, regulation of the nervous system, introduction to masculine & feminine polarity and pleasure)

  • Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra Discussions & Movement Practices (strength, confidence, centeredness and purpose)

  • Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra Discussions & Movement Practices (being humans of our word, speaking up for our truths and desires, sharpening the tool of our intuition and connection to "the divine"), empowerment, communication, love & relationships

  • Expanding our definitions and understanding/curiosity of Polarity. A focus on the masculine, male anatomy/arousal/cycles, cultivating and spoiling our inner "King", introduction to Inner Divine Union, and expanding our consciousness through sex and intimacy. Practicing the art of holding space and witnessing.

  • A continued conversation about Divine Union & Polarity. A focus on the feminine, female anatomy/arousal/cycles, cultivating and spoiling our inner "Queen", and the art of weaving these concepts into everyday life to activate your personal magic and power. 

If you have questions or concerns, email us at and/or schedule a call with Jen to discuss your desires and inquiries. Payment plans and other forms of payment available, please contact Jen to discuss.

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