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We are a multifaceted team with big dreams and a desire to create and collaborate with like minded people, places, organizations, and events.
Email us at to set up a video curiosity call or to receive our information packet that provides more information and details.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here. DRIPP is my baby and to watch her grow re-energizes me. My purpose in this lifetime is to help humans reunite with our bodies and remember our innate divinity and worthiness through a somatically embodied, holistic, pleasurable, and delicious practice. 
I desire to help us all unlock the magic of loving ourselves devotionally and integrating ALL parts of ourselves through an aware, intentional, and aligned path. I also wish to usher in the era of a New Earth where the Feminine rises and balances out the rigidity of a planet governed by unhealthy masculine energy for too long. 
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Momma J / Jennifer Holland

Priestess of Permission


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