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Hey there Gorgeous,

Jennifer Holland (Momma J) here; Creator and Owner of DRIPP.  I cannot wait to get to know you more deeply and am honored to be a part of your journey as you reclaim your power, step into your purpose, reconnect with your divinity, and learn how to source joy, pleasure, and peace in your daily life.

Practicing the concept of nourishing my feminine radiance, softening, receiving, and leaning into my pleasure is shifting my life and businesses in ways I never expected. DRIPP is designed to help you remember just how gloriously special you are and that you are worthy of such epic love; first and foremost from yourself.

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What is Dripp?

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DRIPP is an acronym that stands for Daily Rapture & Inner Peace Practice.

Rapture = the feeling of intense pleasure or joy

Peace = freedom from suffering/chaos/shame/guilt
Pleasure = delighting in our five senses and human experience

Put those together and you get a practice that centers around the pursuit of our pleasure & joy that will guide our ability to heal & soften and liberate ourselves from suffering.

In DRIPP classes or workshops we create safe spaces to learn and practice the skills and tools to develop and build our own personal practices. We explore the lightning pathway to healing and personal power through embracing our sexuality and sensuality. This personal practice then becomes a mindset and lifestyle. A way you see the world and move about it.

This lifestyle is a pleasure revolution centered around radical self acceptance and daily holistic nourishment through rituals and practices. A re-connection with our bodies wherein we can tap directly into the wisdom of the universe and become deeply aligned with our purpose and uniqueness. We emphasize collaboration and building community and connections that uplift, heal, and celebrate our expansiveness and potential. 

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