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Meet the DRIPP Mentors

These are the Goddesses that make our team magical.

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Black Velvet...the classy chassis of glamour and glitz, epitome of luxury and grace, a timeless beauty. When she enters a room, all eyes are on her. She commands attention and turns heads with her striking looks and voluptuous curves as she glides across the floor. If you rub her the right way, she will be silky soft in your hands. However, if you brush her against the grain, she will have no problem putting you in your place. Sexy, powerful, bold,

and glamorous, Black Velvet will sweep you off your feet!

Carli is a natural healer and seductress who desires to guide women in awakening and embracing sensuality by finding the delicious pleasure in every detail and moment of her life, especially through movement and dance. Formally trained in multiple genres of dance since childhood, she participated and competed with her high school drill team and local dance studio, receiving many awards, honors


Salt Lake City, UT

and accolades. She continued sharing her love of dance through teaching at local dance studios, choreography, and coaching drill team for many years following high school. After working through the heartbreak of divorce, she found herself drawn to the art of pole dancing, sensual dance, and Burlesque. She quickly discovered that her self-esteem and love for life came back to life, bringing her joy and confidence once again. She has performed for various shows with her local pole dancing studio, became immersed in the world of boudoir modeling and photography, and most recently found DRIPP which solidified her love for pleasure and sensuality. She desires to continue and deepen her own personal journey with sensual dance, Burlesque, boudoir, and beauty. As a nurse, Carli has extensive experience working in women’s health, particularly during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. She is currently working towards becoming a board-certified holistic nurse coach and sex coach and someday creating her own private practice to achieve her mission of helping women from all walks of life live their healthiest and happiest lives in every way.  When she discovered DRIPP and attended a retreat, she fell in love and knew this was the perfect modality for her and her vision as she seeks to integrate it into Burlesque as well as women’s health education and supporting divine, balanced relationships between men and women. She firmly believes that combining her goals, skill sets, and knowledge as a nurse with her talent and passion for sensual dance and sexuality will create the ultimate healing experience and environment for every woman to unleash her inner Goddess and reach her highest potential! 

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DRIPP is a sisterhood that is passionate about liberating humanity through sensuality and embodiment practices. 

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