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DRIPP Retreats

DRIPP Retreats are an embodied and all-inclusive 3-4 night, 3-day experience of a lifetime.

DRIPP Retreats attract women from all over the nation who are looking to submerge themselves in the practice of peace, pleasure, and play. We create unique experiences and a safe container to practice conscious communication, healing, intimacy & deep connection, sensual expression, and being seen, supported, and witnessed with FULL PERMISSION to be in your

Pleasure & Peace-is-your-Purpose state.

More details & registration below. Please subscribe to stay in the loop/receive access sooner, or schedule a call with me to discuss your desires and any questions. 

Meet The Facilitators

Meet Jen, Kayla, and Jamie -- 

the three main facilitators of

DRIPP Retreats.
We are a passionate and pleasure forward team all deeply committed and excited to support women in their healing & liberation journeys.

Click on each profile icon to learn more.

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Why Attend?

Retreats are an immersive way to practice healing skills and tools while being seen, held, and supported in real time by a loving & accepting Sacred Sisterhood. So often we try to make changes in our lives but can't make it "stick". If you are feeling stuck, need loving community to help you on your journey, or desire that extra nudge to break your sensuality WIDE OPEN as your next steps to healing, balance, and magic making -- this Retreat IS FOR YOU. Lean in sis. We've got you.

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