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-Do you struggle with your self-talk, self care, and/or self love? Are you having trouble connecting to your body, your self-expression, and your sensuality? This series will give you the simple and straightforward tools to begin to radically change your mindset & behaviors and begin revealing a more aligned, peaceful, and rich day to day life by supporting and balancing specific energetic, physical, and mental needs/desires.

This 2-month Series/Masterclass will meet weekly on Thursdays in February and March of 2023 and has 2 options:

  • For students who want to attend classes and gain knowledge

  • For teachers/coaches/facilitators or advanced students who want to dive more deeply into utilizing these tools for their students and clients or their own deep healing journey.





  • Seven, 60 minute classes that follow the Chakra System

  • We will meet weekly from 4-5pm PDT / 7-8pm EST via Zoom. Recordings will be sent out within 48 hours of class time in case you cannot make the Livestream.

  • Feb 2: Root Chakra

  • Feb 9: Sacral Chakra

  • Feb 16: Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Feb 23: Heart Chakra

  • March 2: Throat Chakra

  • March 9: Third Eye Chakra

  • March 16: Crown Chakra

    Feel free to choose which Chakra class you want to attend and pay $20 for drop in classes OR sign up for the entire series for $119.



  • Eight, 120 min classes that follow the Chakra system (first hour will be the same as what the student option is above, plus a 2nd hour wherein we will lecture/workshop the concepts even more thoroughly
  • We will meet weekly from 4-6pm PST / 7-9pm EST via Zoom.
  • For this option you MUST attend the Livestream classes. Recordings will be available as a resource later on, but this option requires your live attendance. (If you have any conflicts, please message Jen directly at
  • Feb 2: Root Chakra
  • Feb 9: Sacral Chakra
  • Feb 16: Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Feb 23: Heart Chakra
  • March 2: Throat Chakra
  • March 9: Third Eye Chakra
  • March 16: Crown Chakra
  • March 23: Lab/Close out (opportunity to teach and get feedback and cover any questions)

    Those interested in this option, you must also watch all 7 mini DRIPP Chakra practices that will be unlocked for you when you sign up prior to us starting in Feb.

    If you purchase a DRIPP Mat , you will get $75 dollars off this offering. (Please forward  me your order receipt to and I will get you a coupon code.)

    This course option will also provide a syllabus and additional information shared via PDF and google docs to provide you extra resources to reference and utilize.

    Entire Series for: $377 

To sign up, under 'Ways to Play' choose Plans & Pricing and sign up for the Student or Mentor Package option.
This will then allow you to reserve class via the Calendar but isn't required. Once you purchase, you will receive an email with more instructions and resources for how to access classes and materials.

Below are descriptions for each Chakra Class:


  • Root Chakra - Struggling with feeling connected to your body? Having trouble regulating your overwhelm? Feeling disconnected from peace and safety? 

    • In this class we will explore movements and skills to help you feel grounded, safe, and connected to your body.

  • Sacral Chakra - Feeling creatively stuck? Struggling with feelings of shame about your sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure? Desiring to be more fully expressed?

    • In this class we will learn how to unlock our creativity and explore our full sensual expression through the lens of pleasure and play.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Is your self-talk negative and limiting? Do you struggle with knowing your worth, strengths, and value? 

    • In this class we will learn how to source strength from our inner knowing to help us stand firmly in our worth, increasing our confidence and gaining clarity about our talents and gifts.

  • Heart Chakra - Do you feel closed off to receiving love? Are you unclear about what brings you joy or fulfillment? Are you wanting to soften and break down walls that are keeping you from having close relationships?

    • In this class we will explore our beliefs about love and our lovability. We will explore what brings us joy and get clear on our desires and dreams.

  • Throat Chakra - Struggling to speak up about your personal truths, experiences, and feelings? Stuck in patterns of people pleasing or worrying about what others think? Having trouble cultivating intimate relationships?

    • In this class we will help open our expression centers through noise and vocalizations to fine tune our ability to ask for what we want, to set firm boundaries to protect our energy, and to gain an understanding that listening is a huge form of communication.

  • Third Eye Chakra - Feeling disconnected to your intuition? Unsure of what steps to take next on your personal life path? Desiring a deeper connection to your truths and purpose?

    • In this class we will explore the skill of listening to our intuition and implementing different belief systems that are rooted in love and abundance, allowing us to step out of beliefs rooted in fear and scarcity.

  • Crown Chakra - Having difficulties living presently? Unsure of your divinity or connection to something greater? Feeling stuck and limited?

    • In this class we will practice noticing beliefs, cycles, and patterns that keep us living small, and learn to alchemize and implement aligned ways of thinking to reprogram our beliefs to reflect our inner wisdom and purpose.

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