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How DRIPP Came to Be

Momma J's (Jen Holland, creator and CEO) personal story IS the birth story of DRIPP. It is heavily tied to recovery from childhood and adult traumas/abuse/wounding and her self-healing journey that utilizes the practices of Yoga,
Breath-work, Ayurveda, Behavioral Therapy, Polarity Work, Feminine Embodiment, Burlesque, and so much more. Because of this, her passions and desires burn bright to continue to share her stories and experiences in hopes to inspire others to persevere through hardships and step into their divine radiance and power.

She understands what it feels like to be on the receiving end of abuse, manipulation, and aggression. She has lost her way, her confidence, her sense of safety, and climbed her way back into her power one self-love practice at a time.

The dedication and faith she has in sharing these messages of self-love, nourishment, holistic wellness, boundaries, conscious communication, community, Sacred Sisterhood, and pleasure power, has shown her that we are very much capable of changing our lives and ushering in more love, peace, pleasure, and joy.

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Our mission is to create safe spaces and empowered experiences allowing for exploration, deep healing, and the divine integration of ALL the pieces of ourselves through the potent medicine of breathwork, connection with our bodies, and sexual/sensual liberty and expression through the practice of DRIPP.


Through the pursuit of our pleasure and peace--we begin to adopt the “observer” lens. Stepping back from harsh judgements and criticisms and learning to notice. This practice empowers us to bring compassion for ourselves to the forefront and will lead us to gently change behaviors, relationships, and circumstances that do not serve us. Personal alignment, balance, pleasure, and peace become our north star, encouraging us to step into our power, seek more joy, and let our radiance shine brightly. This deep act of radical self love will send healing waves through the cosmos. 


What is DRIPP?

DRIPP is an acronym that stands for Daily Rapture & Inner Peace Practice.

Rapture = the feeling of intense pleasure or joy

Peace = freedom from suffering/chaos/shame/guilt
Pleasure = delighting in our five senses and human experience

Put those together and you get a practice that centers around the pursuit of our pleasure & joy that will guide our ability to heal & soften and liberate ourselves from suffering.

In DRIPP classes or workshops we create safe spaces to learn and practice the skills and tools to develop and build our own personal practices. We explore the lightning pathway to healing and personal power through embracing our sexuality and sensuality. This personal practice then becomes a mindset and lifestyle. A way you see the world and move about it.

This lifestyle is a pleasure revolution centered around radical self acceptance and daily holistic nourishment through rituals and practices. A re-connection with our bodies wherein we can tap directly into the wisdom of the universe and become deeply aligned with our purpose and uniqueness. We emphasize collaboration and building community and connections that uplift, heal, and celebrate our expansiveness and potential. 


Who is DRIPP for?

  • DRIPP is great for anyone looking to explore their sensuality, gain strength/awareness/confidence, connect body & breath, and add sexy inspiration & self-touch into their movement practice (aka all levels welcome). 


  • Some specialty classes and fierce flow classes may be more challenging, but modifications are always offered.


  • All respectful, well-intentioned humans seeking safe space to explore, accept, and express their Divine Feminine essence and energy are welcome. We are all about dripping in LOVE.


  • Some spaces and classes will be for women only, depending on the intention and needs for creating safe spaces to heal.


Why Practice DRIPP?

  • Learn practical tools to begin to disrupt negative/toxic beliefs and patterns that are NOT serving you to invite in more love, peace, joy, and pleasure into your everyday life.

  • Exploring, embracing, and expressing your sensuality and sexuality is one of the quickest (and fieriest) ways to step into your power and to weave the life you dream of into a reality. Dripptresses truly believe in our limitless potential and access to wisdom and abundance that will support us in our aligned journey. DRIPP will simultaneously teach you how to tap into your unique magic and access the grounded feeling of peace within.

  • Movement is Medicine! When we move regularly we build strength, resilience, and learn to deeply care for our incredible bodies. If you practice on your own or in class with us regularly you will begin to feel stronger in your core, shoulders, upper back, hips, and legs. Your everyday tasks will begin to feel easier, you will experience less pain, your mental health will equalize, you will have more energy, and your confidence will shine brighter than ever. 

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